Bone broth

There’s a trend out there about bone broth.

Marketing developers get their hands on old things and they make it brand new so that they can package it and sell it. 

With that in mind please know that bone broth is basically soup.

It is not worth your time to buy it premade. It’s not worth your health or finances to do it this way.

Bone broth is incredibly easy to make. You can collect up any bones you have from any animal and put it all together in a crock pot and let it cook for about 24 hrs. Add some vinegar because the acid will allow the minerals to come out of the bones.

You take that broth when it’s done and you add it to soups, chili or even stew.

Bone broth is incredibly healthy for us. Since we are all deficient in minerals and possibly amino acids, bone broth is jammed pack with these vital nutrients.

Calcium, magnesium, collagen, amino acids and more.

Bone broth will help your hair, nails, skin and joints. Bone broth will boost your immune system and help ease IBS symptoms.

The vital minerals and trace elements in bone broth will help improve mood and aid digestion.

You should go to a butcher shop and ask to buy some of their bones. When you do that put them in your crock pot with a bit of vinegar and fresh water. Let it cook for about 24 hours.

Some have claimed the best way to do it is to first bake the bones. This will release more of the nutrients when you cook them in your crock pot.

Prepackaged broths can be full of MSG and white salt which is detrimental to our health. T

Take it into your own hands and make your own bone broth.

Eating bone broth will help remineralize your teeth and will even help reverse tooth decay.

When my daughter got her first cavity (yeesh I know..) I changed our diet and started giving her more bone broth.

Toothdecay is from a lack of minerals and too much sugar in the diet.

You’ll notice inflammatory responses go down because the bone broth helps to ensure the body is working better. We need minerals!!

The best of you

Encouragement goes a long way. I thought to write  today about this topic.

You know, everyone you meet is going through something. A lot of people would never tell you about the battle they are going through. Not everyone wants to broadcast what their issues are. Or for legalities, they can’t.

It’s safe to presume that the majority of the people you meet are going through something. They possibly can’t talk about it and even if they do it’s our job as compassionate human beings to slow down , do something humane and listen.

Sometimes we feel like complaining and that’s ok. It’s ok to feel sad about a situation we are going through, but it’s not ok to stay there. I have met a lot of women who were addicted to drugs or alcohol and these women had children. These women could not think about anything but their fix. I’ve even met women who had to get their fix while they were pregnant. These womens’ rock bottoms I would never want on any one.

Some women I have met were prostituted out by their mothers when they were just 17 years old. These girls had PTSD because of their situation. To make the situation worse one was half blind and deaf.

Why am I sharing this? No, it’s not a guilt trip. There are women who would just rather not share to any one what they had been through so instead they just smile a pretty smile.

We keep hearing about people who suffer and they just keep going and you wonder, “What do they have that keeps them going?”.

The answer is very simple. It’s hope. Hope of a better future and hope that the best is yet to come.

I encourage you all to make today the best you can. I don’t just mean sucking it up and moving on and I definitely don’t mean be a “Bitch” and take on the day.

Be yourself, be your sweet self. Be the woman God created you to be. You put your best foot forward with the intention that something amazing will happen today. God blesses excellence, So be excellent.

If you kept trying the same thing for years on end and you have the same result you need to bust out of your normal routine and do something different.

Stop feeling victimized by your situation. Feel the feelings, now shake that off. You are unique and needed in this world. The people who hurt you, forgive them and move on. The people who didn’t stand by you, forgive them and move on. Don’t waste any more precious time and energy on hating anyone.

You might have been hurt, but you’re definitely don’t need to be stuck there.

When you keep thinking about the hurt, you expose your wounds and your feelings. What you need to do is to just move on from the experience. Things really do happen for a reason.

If our lives were meant to be so easy then we would never develop any character. I’d rather go through trials and tribulations and be the strong woman I am today than to never have lived at all. Life is about living! That means things are going to get tough and at times they will be easy.

The strong move on. Be the best version of you today and go out into the world and be blessing to someone.

I don’t just say this because it’s easy for me to say. I am about the most real person you’d ever meet. I don’t hide behind my computer and have a completely different life. I live by these virtues. I have had a rough life, but I forgave and I moved on and now my life is the best it’s ever been.

I hope this helps you today

Sarah Baxter

The double edge sword of self diagnosis

Since the start of the internet, people able to look up various symptoms for themselves. They are able to check symptoms and actually diagnose their issues at the click of a mouse.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with using Google to look up issues with yourself. There are a lot of people who are retired nurses and physicians that  write their own blogs & publish their own journals. There are scientific studies done  and published.

People who go online and look up degenerative & genetic diseases are able to find support they need.

So while there’s obviously a lot of help that people are getting there’s just one problem with it all, people are not diagnosing themselves correctly. Those same people are  not resorting to in depth research about how the body works or how these diseases work against the body.

There’s a lot of people taking holistic herbal supplements without thinking twice about interference of medications they are taking. They are not looking at negative impacts that essential oils or vital minerals can cause.

What people need to do is look for various platforms to study and start thinking like a real scientist.

This bothers me because people are resorting to Google alone to help them figure out what a problem is then they look up holistic remedies. These holistic remedies are actually just supplements that they think would be good in their diets and unfortunately, without knowledge to them they are falling victim to marketing tactics by companies.

On the other hand people are getting obsessive about issues they have. They think they have certain problems and only see what they want to see. These people end up ONLY telling their doctors about specific issues they want the doctor to agree with them on.

This problem with self diagnosis, started with the pharmaceutical companies advertising on television. Now these ads are online, in magazines and on mainstream radio.

This is what makes my job so great is that I’ve spent 14 years researching what works and what doesn’t. I’ve been on both extremes of the spectrum. Some people cannot afford to go see holistic physicians and some people don’t even know where to start looking. I am the middle woman. For the cost of my services this gives peace of mind to the person looking for alternative care.

Some people like taking their health care into their own hands. Like myself, I don’t rely on physicians because I’ve seen first hand how the medical system is totally out of control. God really knew what he was doing when he put everything on this planet for us to heal our bodies.

The double edge here is, while some say it’s totally wrong for a person to take their care into their own hands there are others who are being lazy about it. They scratch the surface with herbal supplementation and then when that doesn’t work they don’t bother trying to figure out more and they go right back to the medical system.

This is wrong. We should take our health into our own hands.

I have seen people die because they give their lives over to physicians and next thing you know mal practices are done or people go back to the same doctor routinely thinking their doctor knows best when the reality is these physicians are keeping you on band aids instead of finding things to help heal you.

Pharmaceuticals are band aids. From anti depressants to diabetes meds these prescriptions are a huge deal in the negative impacts of our health.

Doctors will tell you, “Well you need to figure out what out weighs what.” MMMMKAAYYYY well, anti depressants actually do the opposite of what they are intended to be used for. On top of that there is an alarming rate of suicide, birth defects and hormonal disruptions. Not to mention the increased rate of alcoholism and other drug use that is going on in secrecy by the patient causing even more chaos than the doctor knows about. I know what I am talking about because I have seen it for myself!

There is a crazy cycle going on where people rely on the health care system too much and they get sucked into dying. Then they do a half assed job of trying to care for themselves.

This is the reality:

People need to stop being lazy about their health and take their health into their own hands and start really doing something about it.

There is truly a small percentage that needs the health care system. Those who are suffering from rare genetic diseases and those who need emergency care.

Think of the load off the system when we all started growing our own medicines our own foods and spent more time out doors in the sunshine, clean air and actually did some hard work.

I know people have the best intentions when they get into holistic remedies, but the problem is they do not commit to all of the layers of healing themselves. They end up putting band aids on themselves instead of looking at alternative health like it should be.

These remedies need to be administered as layers and a foundation must be built first. Without this key component the holistic field looks like a joke.

When you use a holistic remedy don’t just look for a remedy look for the problem then look at what you have to build up from that. People are using holistic supplements as band aids just like the physicians do. They stack holistic remedies in their medicine cabinet and never touch them. Honestly looks like they idolize the supplements and I can see how it turns into a religion which shouldn’t be the case either!

Holistic remedies are a whole body and lifestyle change. Not one single remedy will help you and you will end up relying on that remedy for life just like the pharmaceuticals.

For instance depression, while there are plenty of things people can use for natural anti depressants, people only resort to using a supplement as a cure all. This is incorrect methodology to using holistic remedies.

For holistic remedies to work you MUST dedicate yourself to fixing the problem where it started. So for the case of depression, what’s going on? Is this a seasonal issue, past issue, long term issue, hormonal imbalances?

Some people refuse to get exercise, eat right, sleep right and even refuse to see their issue as something temporary. Which it really is.

The basis of this article is to shine light on the topic of self diagnosis. Please see that holistic remedies aren’t about searching for band aids it’s about finding the homeostasis of the body and then maintaining that.

Ground must be tilled in order for order.




Colloidal Silver


Silver has been used for so long to aid the body in recovery from infection to infestation.

According to historical research done by many people including J. Wesley Alexander, Silver has been used to treat people for as long as six millennia to prevent infections.

Article here:

Silver studies:


Personally, (after more reading than just this) Silver has been a God send.

I had my first bout of mastitis with my 3rd child and the silver cut my healing time in half. Mom’s know mastitis is high fever that comes on super quickly followed by extreme breast pain and fatigue. Making feeding your baby very hard and painful.

I took the silver orally 4 times a day and made sure to eat yogurt as well. This is important to me. Whenever using an antibiotic it’s important to make sure we are taking care of our natural balance of good bacteria in our bodies.

The next time I felt the mastitis coming on I immediately took the silver and did not get mastitis.

I got pink eye and put the silver in my eye and it was healed quickly.

My son got pink eye I put silver in his eye and it was healed fast.

We were all catching a cold with a nasty cough. I gave all three of my children including my newborn colloidal silver and they were healed quickly. No long lingering coughing, no one suffered any longer than necessary and my new sweetie baby was healed quickly. (We know how scary a coughing newborn is)

Also, silver is great to add to homemade food products to prevent spoiling.

You can also take oil and mix silver to create a better than commercial product that can heal cuts and burns faster and more effectively.

Silver boosts the immune system (when taken in small amounts daily)



You can clean with silver instead of bleach. It’s non toxic to humans and pets. Take  8 oz. of water to 1 oz. of silver to clean.

You can also make a hand sanitizer with it instead of relying on commercial brands, yuck.

For women with vaginal issues you can make a remedy with silver. Take a carrier oil that you are not allergic to mix about 1 oz to 1 dropper full of silver add this mixture together then apply to the vaginal area.

You can take a tampon and apply silver to the tampon then insert.


I hope you enjoyed this post!

“Superfoods” marketing ploy for the uneducated

O.K. “Superfoods”, this has been weighing heavily on my heart lately.

#1)     You are not better than someone else just because you buy superfoods.


Got that off my chest.

Broccoli is a superfood, eggs are a superfood, apples are a superfood, strawberries are a superfood- get the point?

The term “superfood” is a marketing ploy for consumers to feel special as if buying this so called SUPER-FOOD makes the consumer special. While I’d love to sit here and call it stupid, it’s actually pretty smart (if you want to make money)

This marketing scheme makes food look like it has superior composition so that the consumer who buys it literally feels like they are doing themselves a great deed by buying into it.


Take Quinoa for example. First, it tastes like crap. Second, the nutritional make up of Quinoa is the exact same as brown rice. The only upside to Quinoa is that you can add it into granola or muffin recipes as a dry grain. The downside is if you add too much it totally ruins the whole batch of whatever you made. So really it’s not very good tasting no matter what you do to it.

Quinoa is native to South America. It gets radiated then shipped- and those vegans thought they were doing themselves a favor to the world by going Quinoa instead of chicken? Also wrong.

Think about all the fuel that gets used just so that it’s shipped over here. Not very “Smart-Food”.

All the foods that are being labeled as superfoods are not native to America. A lot goes into the growing processes, they end up not being local foods, the shipping and the radiation that goes with it.

Don’t fall into the superfood trend. Stop looking at foods that way. All fruits and vegetables have their own amazing nutritional make up. Herbs and spices that are being used in dishes have their places also. This is why cooking your own food by scratch is so important.

By cooking your own meals you incorporate herbs, spices fruits and vegetables. Cooking some of your foods like tomatoes for instance give more nutrition. It’s amazing not everything needs to be raw in order for you to gain the nutritional benefits from it.

We need to be educated in how important real local food is. Learning how to take control of what we eat by growing our own food too.

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t jump on the super food train. It’s a marketing tactic for people to feel like they’re doing themselves a great deal to the planet by doing so and that’s just not the case.

It costs more and it tastes like crap. If you like Goji berries that’s cool, but really all fruit has amazing make up if you just research it. Cherries, raspberries, strawberries all these have amazing antioxidant make up that fights inflammation and you can grow these foods yourself! Also a lot of foods combined can make the foods superior. Learning and educating yourself on proper food combinations can help you much more than switching brown rice for quinoa.