Epsom Salts- The bath I crave

Epsom Salts are a remarkable discovery. Epsom is actually a town in England and there was a farmer who was walking with his cows on his property and found springs.

Hetried to get the cows to drink from this spring and they refused. He checked it out and found that the water had a bitter taste to it, but when splashed onto the cattle it proved amazing healing.

Epsom salts are a great source of magnesium. It’s estimated that nearly 80% of the U.S. are deficient in this mineral. That’s a staggering percentage!

It would make sense since most people are unaware how to properly administer and combine nutrients for maximum absorption.

According to NCBI (which is a resource for scientific studies) They had a study that discusses the prevalence of type 2 diabetes associated with low levels of magnesium. What makes this even more concerning is that it’s not necessarily the low levels, rather the combination of calcium and magnesium ratios being off.

Basically we need to make sure that we are getting adequate ratios of magnesium & calcium.

Magnesium is needed for nerve health and aids in relaxation, better sleep and improved digestion.


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21 day water fast and here are my thoughts…

I did a three week water fast.

It was simple, no food just clean water.

Days before doing this type of fast you should aim for high fat (nuts, healthy cuts of organic meat, organic eggs, healthy oils, avocados) so that the first few days of the fast aren’t that bad.

After the third day it was smooth sailing. I thought so much about food and then I switched gears and decided to read.

I found the best support for a fast like this is to read books on fasting and watching YouTube for fasting support.

Remembering why you chose to water fast can be so powerful.

My reason was for weight loss. I needed to reboot my system. It did help. I had a lot of toxins in my body and water fasting for three weeks really helped my hormones balance out.

It wasn’t the end all solve all, but it was a great thing to add to my ammunition for health.

Doing a water fast for spiritual reasons is a magnificent way of cleaning out your mind and body so that you can be closer to the creator.

Water fasting for longer requires the ability to ease back onto food. Starting with a broth and juices then raw foods then on to sprouted grains. Meat and dairy last.

Water fasting is incredible since in just 72 hrs the whole immune system is completely restored. So the gut bacteria is repopulated and the longer you go the more you heal.


I was a vegetarian-vegan for 8 years and here are my thoughts

I was a vegetarian for 8 years and I was eating the nastiest foods. I condemned those who ate meat, but I was eating cheese sandwiches from McDonald’s and french fries. I ate fast food three times a day and my weight was the heaviest I’d ever reached.

I was so overweight topping the scale at 280. Was it the vegetarian diet?

Well I was suffering greatly from PCOS, infertility, insomnia and a host of mental illnesses. I ate soy, chips, sodas, fast foods, it’s easy to be a vegetarian and eat out!

I ate veggie burritos and my weight never budged until I started to count calories. Then my weight decreased, but I was still eating soy foods.

Little did I know that soy is a huge problem in today’s crazy world.

Soy is the leading pesticide ridden foods. All of the fake animal foods out there have some kind of soy. Including Monosodium Glutamate (an excitotoxin so crazy your brain cells literally explode- this is the definition of brain damage)

There’s actually no pure soy anymore since GMO has taken it over.

Soy wasn’t my only problem. I ate sugar and processed garbage for years!!! I could never have a baby!

So, no it wasn’t the vegetarian diet that was to blame it was me screwing it up with soy, fast food, drinking, smoking cigarrettes, prescription pills, my lifestyle was to blame.

All  prepackaged foods that claimed to be vegetarian actually had modified lab created ingredients and hidden excitotoxins.

I hate how animals are being tourtured. I hated it then and I hate it now. It is a disgusting form of brutality and yes people are eating those animals and sadly those animals are being injected and sprayed with toxins, antibiotics, fed excessive hormones and the food they eat are even soy GMO based.

Before you get thinking I’m some kind of monster for saying I eat animals please know that it wasn’t easy for me to make the decision. It was me or the animal.

The foundation of life is bacteria. Even our DNA is partially bacteria. How can we say that we can’t eat animals because they are living beings when science proves plants are in fact living creatures that do feel pain too.

Another thought to add was the fact that I’m silly for thinking that bacteria isn’t a living organism either. Kambucha and sauerkraut are amazing health wise because of the microflora that in turn helps us in the long run create beneficial and VITAL nutrients from bacteria in our tract.

Another point was that I wasn’t very healthy. I was the most unhealthy I ever had been. I was so sick.

As a vegetarian when my weight finally started to budge I added salmon to my diet. I also felt like a huge idiot for calling myself a vegetarian when I ate egg, cheese and fish.

My world changed and I felt like a hypocrite. So years later I adopted a vegan plant based diet.

BUT before I did that I ate meat again. I ate Elk, eggs, chicken, salmon and I enjoyed it.

A lot of people are going to be upset about this post, but these things need to be said. It’s the foundation of our society, food and how it comes to us. And it’s a fair way to look at no meat diets.

I lost weight, I felt great, I actually ran the most I ever ran, sleep and life just seemed better. I actually had become pregnant. 💝 And I was turning my life around health wise.

So here’s a fair question, was it the vegetarian diet to blame for my unhealthy life? Was it the meat added to my diet that was to blame for my fertility coming back?

I don’t know.


The thing is, I cleaned up my diet and became fertile. That’s as simple as that. As soon as my body was given adequate nutrition I started feeling better!

So in my opinion I really think adopting a vegan-vegetarian diet is great as a cleanse. Maybe a few months depending on severity of disease or ailment.

Some people in certain areas of life (like a young fertile woman) MUST have all the protiens, amino acids and enzymes for fertility,( wait for it….) but it’s gotta be healthy sources!

Here’s a thought. .. the animals must be organic or wild. They must be humanely cared for. If I don’t have a local organic animal farmer I have no business eating meat that isn’t organic and grass fed and humanely cared for.

Our food is so heavily sprayed with glyphosates. Organic foods must be priority.

Later I decided to do was go vegan and elliminate prepackaged foods. But I was eating wheat products and nut butter which were not organic and my weight went up.

My weight skyrocketed as a vegan. And I was eating clean.

So obviously toxicity was high and my inflammation was too.

A vegan-vegetarian diet would be best done organic non GMO and absolutely zero prepackaged foods, supplementation is a must.

Plant based diets are very beneficial. But that’s raw food and little bread, pastas and desserts.

Say no to vegan processed garbage. Even vegan cheeses have casien which is an animal protien!

I do not like the vegan and vegetarian mentality out there that just because they don’t eat meat they are better than everyone else. You can be just as unhealthy as a meat eater as a vegan or vegetarian.

Infact, according to Psychology Today they linked mental illness with people who had adopted vegan diets. The cause? Soy and lack of certain microbiology in their gut. These microbiata release B vitamins that support health gut-brain synthesis.

This diet would best suit people who are needing a good detox. For a short amount of time so that there are no significant deficiencies.

The lesson, eat plants!!! Don’t get crazy about saving the Earth when you’re eating GMO soy and prepackaged foods!

Plant based cleanses can save lives. But so can making sure your nutrition is on point.

Every single vegan, vegetarian I have met have been severely mal nourished. Even the ones who are nourished have to supplement and that costs money and resources not everyone can afford.

In a day and age where all commercial meats are hazzardous we should be eating more plants and nuts and staying away from excessive estrogen based antibiotics that the use for animals in factory farming anyway.

We all should be consuming lots raw foods and there are a fair amount of protien in vgetables and fruits, but (example) as a lactating mother whose had several children the mother needs to replenish the nutrition she lost having a child or face severe malnourishment.

If you can’t afford to eat organic animal products consider raising your own chickens. They make exceptional pets and they produce amazing microbiology to the soil and they give us perfect superfood: The EGG.


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I was a raw vegan for 30 days here’s what happened..

Raw vegan diet was great. Not sustainable for long term because your body does require the amino acids the animal products have. Unless you pay a hefty price for supplementation.

Raw vegan is zero meat, zero cheese, zero creams, you can’t even technically have nuts since they’ve been roasted.

So I ate raw vegetables and fruit. I bought bananas by the cases and dates and made delicious and nutritious smoothies.

The problem was the excessive sugars made my weight and blood sugar unstable and I ended up over indulging in these foods like crazy. The sugar Imbalance wasn’t good for my (then) deranged metabolism.

Again this diet is great short term, but I missed cooked food like crazy.

I ate salads and “soups” I read Dr. Graham’s 80-10-10 book (who later found out isn’t really a doctor) and watched all the documentarys about the animals in factory farming.

Yes factory farming is killing us but you know we need to be limiting our animal products and we need them loacalized and organic!  While getting as many plants in our diet as possible.

So I drank smoothies and ate salads it’s a fantastic detox definitely. I ate guacamole. Loved that!

I didn’t feel the best since I had just had a baby and I needed more energy and post partum was very bad for us. I needed extra protiens and didn’t have beans on hand.

The problem I had was towards the end of raw food I was craving animal products hard core. I could tell my iron levels sank and I was at a disadvantage because of the high cost fresh produce is (organics!)and I wasn’t able to keep energy levels high enough.

So something happened to my blood sugar and I needed to get that corrected so that’s when I took a break and did the Ketogenic detox and got pregnant again hahahaha.

Coming from a woman who was once diagnosed infertile (by two differndi doctors) cleaning out and detoxing my body gave me children.

The raw food diet is great for short term detoxification. Supplementation with milk thistle and iodine is fantastic. I also ate coconut oil and juiced. My weight did not go down it sky rocketted.

I definitely will suggest anyone who needs a microbiata restart should do this diet and anyone suffering from malnutrition of vitamins and minerals should try this for about thirty days.


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I did a juice detox and here’s what happened

I juiced carrots, apples, cucumbers, ginger, celery and pulsated spinach and of course pineapple.

I felt like my body was getting cleansed out. And it was! I had a friend doing this with me and he had liver nodules and gallstones that came out.

I did this for 21 days. I missed cooked foods, but my body was getting restorative nutrition and I felt very good.

I took my juice everywhere with me and I noticed my overall appearance was good. I was glowing. I loved the nutrition behind this because all the cells that were needing repair from free radical damage were being fixed. My skin was looking great and my immune system was up.

My bloat disappeared because the enzyms from the fruit and vegetables were continuing to rebuild my microbiata in my gut.

I burned out my cool juicer, but hey I was feeling great!

Juice for breakfast lunch and dinner and if I really needed something to eat I did eat a banana.

My favorite combination was orange juice, pineapple and banana.( I’m a vitamin C fan)

This detox helped my eyes and attitude. I slept well and had lots of energy since my energy wasn’t being wasted in digestion.

I suggest this detox to anyone who is suffering from significant vitamin and mineral deficiencies and someone who needs to restart their metabolism. I also know that people suffering from pancreatitis, gall bladder issues or liver issues that you juice for a while and restore your intestinal tract.

It’s a type of fasting so while your body is resting cortisol levels are lowered making the thyroid work better.

This diet can be done longer or shorter depending on the person’s willingness and how much inflammation they have in their bodies.

This detox is excellent for helping people restore gut biome.

It’s a great regimine to be on to purify the blood.

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The flu


Hospitals are in panic and scrambling to meet the needs of patients.

In one state, IV bags were in such high demand chaos broke out because they were running out.


This is why it’s so important to take good care of ourselves.

We need to make sure we have great balance between essential vitamins, minerals and cutting toxins where available.

The way you take care of the flu is simple. Fasting and fluids. Yeah it may not be a quick fix, but it’s how it should be done.

Bone broth, vitamin packed smoothies, clean water & rest.

Fevers are safe. It’s the body’s natural response to getting better.

The highest fever before considering taking something for a fever is 108*. You can use a variety of things to lower fever including peppermint oil on your back.

Over the counter remedies will make you feel better, BUT you end up sicker longer and the next time you get sick you end up catching it faster.

Do yourself a favor do not lean on Sudafed, Tylenol or even ibuprofen to tackle fever.

These are poisonous and lead to liver damage, arterial damage and lengthen duration of colds.

When we take over the counter stuff it covers up the fever and the body stays sick because we don’t have that heat from the body to kill off the germs.

Naturals first antibiotic and antiviral response is heat. Heat brings on the white blood cells that fight off infection.

You treat the symptoms and rest. Lay off hard to digest foods for the mean time. Doing a liquid fast while sick will give you a huge edge by giving your digestive tract a break so that your body can start repairing itself.

Relying on the system to help you out might be the worst thing to do.

While you are out going to the hospital you might end up bringing back God knows what into your home.

Lay off the bleach and hand sanitizer.

Germs fight germs. Your “immune system” involves not just your inside but the outside of your body too.

When I was staying at a shelter there was a woman who used Lysol like a crazy woman. She was germ phobic.

I used essential oils. I don’t use hand sanitizer and I refuse to use commercial cleaning products.

She sprayed her bed every night with Lysol and she kept getting bugs in her bed. She was my roommate and I never got bugs in my bed.

I kept telling her lay off the Lysol. She wouldn’t listen. Until a huge water bug (really huge, like maybe 6-8 inches in length) met her foot by her bed.

My peppermint oil did the trick. I certainly noticed that while people were over zealous with their big name spray cans they were inviting more bugs.

This is true for the small bugs too. If you will, imagine a bomb going off on your skin from using Purel, that’s what it does. You’re taking out the good bacteria that is there to fight the bad bacteria. Stop using it.

You lower your defenses by using these products.

Stay safe and healthy!