Why I considered Keto pregnancies?

Here are the things I considered before doing a keto diet for my pregnancies:




The problem with this study is that it is saying that ketogenic diets resulted in smaller organs, but your organs naturally shrink in size anyway because water retention isn’t a factor any more. It’s kind of crazy science since the study is flawed. They weren’t checking for inflammation markers when doing this study. On a standard SAD diet everyone is suffering from inflammation and that means swollen everything, including organs.

Here is a link to a Joe Rogan pod cast with a Dr. who studied keto:




I took a lot of considerations from Dr. Simeon who is the founding father of the HCG diet. This Dr. exclusively studied women who were obese and found so much amazing information on diet and pregnancy. An incredible resource that is often over looked is that while  this may be a low calorie diet its also a low carb diet as well. There are benefits to this because the findings are amazing. Being in a fasting state or initiating fasting during pregnancy is of great use to the mother and no harm done to the fetus. So the point I am driving in here is that the resources are taken from the mother before there is harm to the fetus. So those who claim that what a mother does or does not eat during pregnancy can harm the baby, take a look at this because clearly this is concluding that the reserves are taken from the mother before the baby is harmed. Thus showing self preservation for the infant.

An amazing study done and valuable information:



This is an amazing study I found not only talking about how fetuses were in ketosis, but that breastfeeding had proved to help them stay in ketosis. The point I am trying to make here is that the body already puts neonates in ketosis. This is suggesting that ketogenisis is a natural state for neonates.




This is a great source by a dietician:




If you like sciene here’s more about neonatal ketosis:




Another great point is that women that are pregnant, go to sleep and are in a fasting state through the night usually wake up in KETOSIS. So that is also telling as to what kind of metabolism pregnant women are preferred to be in. This is fascinating because this is a normal state for a pregnant woman. This is physiological favor by the human body. Another thing to consider is how often times morning sickness is relieved by fasting- or ketosis because blood sugars are stabilized and the glucose going up and down is what is known to cause issues with morning sickness. Just a few bits of science to help educate those who are interested in diving into it a bit more.

Hope you enjoy


Overcoming depression and anxiety without pharmaceuticals

I wanted to share my personal account with depression and anxiety.
I was clinically diagnosed with anxiety, depression and PTSD. I had suffered these debilitating conditions for nearly two decades. When I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and PTSD I was 19 years old. This was before I had an interest in functional medicine. So I followed standard protocol given to me by psychiatrists and counselors. I was put on one medication and eventually I was used to that particular med and needed something stronger.
I then was put on a different med and then noticed it made me worse. I was also taking birth control and that is dealing with hormonal changes. Not only that, but I was clinically diagnosed with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome)
No one ever asked me about any other medications I was taking. No one ever cared what my diet consisted of or even how I managed stress. The longer I was on prescriptions the worse I got. Eventually I was 280 lbs, miserable in my life, and suicidal. I thought about killing myself so often.
As soon as I was not able to afford my prescriptions that is when I decided to lose weight and hopefully that would help with my mental health.
I want to also add that vegetarian diets do not help with mental health. In fact I believe from reading studies that my vegetarian and vegan diet helped me to get worse.
So when I lost 100 lbs I felt phenomenal. But I was not healthy, I was abusing alcohol and abusing anxiety pills. I looked sick because I was sick. Diuretics, alcohol, late nights, and abusing pills was hurting me and I had no idea, but who cared?
I started seeing that I needed to cut back on prescription pills so I decided to opt for cannabis. Unfortunately I was abusing cannabis, alcohol and I was gaining weight.
There is a cycle here: I didn’t know how to cope with anything and I was depressed and covering up emotions with relationships and substances. This was terrible living again. Only this time I was with someone who enabled this because he was also dealing with just coping and had poor mental status as well.
I decided to figure it out from a functional way. Get healthy, get my situation corrected, focus on positive things, exercise, gratitude and all this ultimately led me to finding God which in turn has helped me develop coping skills and actually squash the reasons I was even depressed to begin with.
I now am on a ketogenic diet to help me with my mental health and its been phenomenal. I’ve managed to keep my weight down and my mood is elevated. I also focus on the fact that God put me where He needed me to be. That I suffered, but it was for a reason. He built me to be strong, compassionate, fully equipped.
All the time I was searching for my identity I found it in Christ. Things slowly but surely changed for the better. I will struggle now and then with depression and anxiety, but it’s only a temporary situational thing. It’s not a long term pattern and now I have skills to communicate to others, to communicate better to myself, exercise and diet plays a big role in how I feel.
So that’s the extent of it. I hope it’s received well. I do not believe that we need prescriptions to help us function in life. Sometimes we need self respect to leave long out dated relationships that serve us no purpose. Sometimes we need to get real with ourselves about our health and take charge of it, sometimes we need to stop being slaves to our imaginations and actually pull ourselves out of the pit we put us into.
Sometimes the only way to do these things is with God.


I love the ketogenic diet. It’s easy, helps with mental health, the best diet I’ve ever been on. I rarely feel hungry, the food is so delicious and I end up eating less with virtually no effort.

I recommend this way of eating to anyone who is struggling with mental health issues. This diet helps with cognitive function, energy, mood, focus this is just amazing how I feel.

I have been eating this way on and off for nearly 4 years. I have been able to keep off 60 lbs. I have been able to have children when I was clinically diagnosed infertile. I have reversed PCOS and I was prediabetic because of that issue.

I had converted from vegetarian- vegan way of eating to keto and I loved it. I feel so much better this way. It’s so simple.

I want to add that I was the worst binge eater as a vegetarian-vegan. I could never feel satiated. With keto and eating meat and animal products I have been binge free for over a year now.

It has taken me some time to get really into keto. I was falling off the wagon for years. BUT keep in mind I have had 3 children and exclusively breastfed all three of them. So my hormones have been excellent, but the challenge has been when my babies have growth spurts and I over ate on foods not keto.

This year is the first year I haven’t done that and I’ve been pretty successful. YAYYYY

I decided to eat whatever I wanted to last year because I was just so fed up with yo-yoing and binge eating. I would get off keto and binge eat carbs, gain weight and get back on keto.

The problem I’ve identified is that I never tried to get my blood sugar stable before going keto. This year I was successful because I used a few months to do just that.

I started with lower calorie but ate what I wanted to.

Then I started to restrict sugar, still had it but not as often. And I began exercising. Then In July I started keto. I was not strict but that was the plan.

Then I started seeing that I was melding into this lifestyle slowly but IT WAS STICKING!!!! I have finally been 4 weeks without a cheat. I have had alcohol, but no carbs. no binge and no yo yo.

This is amazing track record.

I am on instagram to record my progress there.

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Sauerkraut is a fermented food that originated in China and moved across Europe.


Start with a fresh head of organic cabbage.

Shred the cabbage any way you want thick or thin. I prefer thin.

Take the cabbage shreds and toss some salt into it. 1 head of cabbage will give you a 16 oz jar of sauerkraut.

I’d say about 1/4 cup salt for each jar.

Crunch together the salt with the cabbage and you will notice that water will start creeping out of the cabbage.

Once it’s well mixed toss it in a jar and add more water if necessary.


This is a very easy thing to do. Fermentation is a fun learning process so just look at it like that.

The sauerkraut I made was perfect and it sat on my counter next to my oven for about 2-3 weeks until I opened it and we scarfed it down.


Herb Roasted Red Potatoes


This recipe is not only delicious, but packed with healthy nutrition. Potatoes are one of the best sources of potassium and adding pink salt helps to replenish electrolytes.

My kids really enjoyed this recipe. It’s simple and ready in about 20 mins (or depending on how sad looking your potatoes are- mine were pretty sad ha ha!!)


These guys were “raisin like” and actually cooked in shorter time frame. So don’t throw out those sad spuds! (Shorter cooking times actually help to keep the nutrition together longer cooking time denatures the nutrients some times)


Dice up the spuds then toss with olive oil.

That’s what I’ve done, but I absolutely love Avocado oil too.


Herb blend consists of basil, oregano, rosemary and thyme.

Get that paprika in!

Pink salt is by far the best!


After tossing everything together then plop onto a sheet pan bake at 350* and take out in about 15-20 mins.

My kids were hesitant at first, but after the first bite they were hooked.

Potatoes get a bad rap especially now with the LOW CARB CRAZE. Potatoes are really high in potassium, B6 and magnesium. You should really try and eat the skin if you can tolerate it. The skin of the potato has the most amount of nutrition. The color of the skin also has antioxidant value!

The fiber of the potato is necessary for feeding the bacteria in the intestinal lining. *PREBIOTIC.

Any way I hope you enjoy this recipe leave some suggestions or alternatives to your recipe!


Take care!

Different diets for different phases of life

Diets. The world’s most profitable industry next to big pharma.

The diet industry takes in billions of dollars in revenue each year. People are desperate for health, vitality and energy.

Ketogenic diet, Paleo diet, vegan diet, plant based whole food diet…

God made each of us unique with unique paths in life.

A ketogenic diet is great, the problem is that the people doing the diet are not taking in the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals that are available to us in multitudes of colored fruit and vegetables. Therefore the diet is not good long term. Believe it or not beans and brown rice offer amazing health benefits to our gut microbes.

The Keto diet should be done as a cleanse and detox instead of years and years of dieting.

When someone does the ketogenic diet and is frustrated with falling off the wagon time and time again the problem I am witnessing is that these individuals are putting on weight like crazy. They pile on weight and have no idea why.

To be fair, some of the people are probably not telling me the truth of what they eat. A lot of people are making meats and cheeses the staple of their diet which is totally wrong.

Then, the meat and cheeses that they are eating are not organic and are not farm fresh -farm raised.

I am a big advocate for the ketogenic diet in pregnancy, for brain health, short term detox plan (6-12 months in cycles) and for mental health reasons. It is the perfect substitute for medications bar none.

The premise of the diet is to create ketones and these ketones are the most preferred source of fuel for the brain.

I see that there are a lot of people who chose to do keto and yet they are drinking diet soda- which totally negates the benefits of the diet. Sugar free substitutes etc… NOT HEALTHY.

Another problem I’m seeing with the keto diet is there isn’t enough people having healthy bowl movements. We are to have 2-3 a day and in the keto diet you are lucky to have 1.

Eat a banana, eat a sweet potato- this is why you are having such hard core cravings on that diet.

I love a plant based diet rich in a multitude of fruits and vegetables. Simple and elegant, full of nutrition.

People need to take a look at a bunch of factors before getting on a diet. First, what are you lacking? What age are you? Are you a woman or a man? Are you suffering from disease and inflammation? Do you need a detox? What kinds of surgeries have you had? Were you breastfed as an infant?

If you are deficient in nutrition opt for the plant based diet.

Also, plant based diets are easier on the gut and the diet promotes healthy gut biome. All the fiber acts as a prebiotic and the probiotics you introduce into your belly are fed and maintained.

I think an all out vegan diet is great as a cleanse. You absolutely cannot be scared to eat meat. Prioritize it and spend the money on grass fed humanely cared for animals.

Please DON’T be another penny in big diets pocket. Do not settle for diet pills, exercise equipment, any kind of supplement you know nothing about, Diet books, it’s all a scam.

Just eat better, go outside, take care of your hormones, take care of your gut biome, take care of your spine, get enough sleep, stop carrying excess weight of emotion.


Take care!


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