I am passionate about the health and wellness of my community. As disease rates increase we have to ask ourselves, “what gives?”.

I used to blame physicians. I would see patients come into the hospital for the same things repeatedly. I was wondering why would this continue to happen if patients were getting first rate care?


As a phlebotomist, I had the pleasure of assisting patients and doctors in healing. I really enjoyed being a part of a team that was focused on healing.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of patients out there that do not tell their doctors the whole truth of their lifestyle and then there are doctors who don’t know to ask what patients are eating.

I am incredibly excited to share my skills and knowledge of the latest scientific research on nutrition. I really enjoy cooking and see that there’s a huge demand for basic cooking skills. More cooking skills equates to better health, bar none.

I also see that there are a lot of products on the market that tell consumers (most who are patients) that this will cure and treat certain diseases and have no evidence to back up their claims. Things like “It Works” A true pyramid scheme that prays on people with health issues.

Adding simple things to your diet like Apple Cider Vinegar is a science based supplement that will decrease blood sugar levels and also aid in cleaning the liver.

There are a lot of fraudulent misconceptions out there and I want the public to know what is tried and true and what is not.

This is giving the patient the control they need in order for legitimate health and wellness. I have seen a lot of patients that stopped caring about the direction of their health and my desire is to help reinstate that drive for better.

I am passionate about giving doctors and patients the ability to communicate balanced needs. I love grocery shopping, I am very knowledgeable of specific dietary requirements. I myself have recovered from disease and reversed a lot of ailments through getting more active, overcoming mental obstacles and getting myself the success I deserved.

I am not a typical health coach in the sense that there are not enough health coaches that have actually been sick and took their health into account and changed their own lives by healthy lifestyle choices.

Some coaches just leave you hanging. I am not one to do that. I want to be available for anything the patient or client needs.

I was wanting to be a blessing in the patients life. To restore that balance that is conducive for true health. Health is wealth.