Don’t blame the keto diet for your mentality

What do I mean?

Well you can go and do any diet you want to. You’ll lose weight. You might gain it all back. That’s not your diets fault. The fault lies in your own heart. Your perception of food and weight loss is how you view your life.

Maybe you are not feeling worthy enough. Or good enough, that you LACK in any area of your life.

When you go through your mental notes of how much of something you don’t have and all you do is dwell on the negative you get more of what your mind is set into.

The best thing to start doing is start recognizing the blessings you have here and now.

There is a nasty cycle that I see a lot of women get into including myself. We get hung up on all the things that have gone wrong and we focus in on how we are not measuring up.

But, let’s say that we do measure up. What if we are right where we need to be at this very moment? This is not the end goal of it all. There are plenty of opportunities that arrive every single day.

We take for granted a lot of things when all we do is see the negative. We blame our diets, we blame our selves for why we are not where we have expected to be.

Instead of taking the edge off and the load off ourselves we clamor onto it. We sure love beating ourselves up. And we are not gentle about it either.

Jesus teaches about gentleness. What if we were to take any example of what gentle person we have and see what their perception of gentleness would be?

How would you speak to yourself then? Would you beat your child up for over eating or being too fat? No. Because that’s not productive and it’s not kind.

I love being reminded to bring my energy back down to gentleness. To me, in my life, Jesus is the ultimate example of gentleness.

Don’t blame your diet for what you failed to accomplish. It’s not the diets fault it’s the degree of respect and gentleness you have on yourself that dictates how successful you’ll be.

I know that personally a vegetarian and vegan diet did not help me at all. It was a great way to cleanse myself. Not a sustainable diet for me. Its not the diets fault It is a lack of nutrients so to me, it was a poor decision of prioritizing nutrition.

In all those years I was a vegetarian those were the most unhealthy days of my life. And I happened to be the most cruel to myself as well.

take a minute to just accept things of how they are and just rest in the love you do have. feel the gratitude you do have for the warmth in your home, the clothes on your back, the finances and bills you are able to pay for. What ever it is be thankful for it.

This will quench the hunger of always expecting more and better. We do have goals we aim for and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem becomes a problem when we start to see that everything around us is so wrong.

We end up dwelling in something that we created that usually has a hostile undertone of unsatisfactory self worth. That’s the problem. There are great things happening in your future, but for today take the time to be appreciative of where things are right now, today including your weight and health.

Find that gratitude and every day gently express how you’ll accomplish your desires out of love and not hate.

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