Why I considered Keto pregnancies?

Here are the things I considered before doing a keto diet for my pregnancies:




The problem with this study is that it is saying that ketogenic diets resulted in smaller organs, but your organs naturally shrink in size anyway because water retention isn’t a factor any more. It’s kind of crazy science since the study is flawed. They weren’t checking for inflammation markers when doing this study. On a standard SAD diet everyone is suffering from inflammation and that means swollen everything, including organs.

Here is a link to a Joe Rogan pod cast with a Dr. who studied keto:




I took a lot of considerations from Dr. Simeon who is the founding father of the HCG diet. This Dr. exclusively studied women who were obese and found so much amazing information on diet and pregnancy. An incredible resource that is often over looked is that while  this may be a low calorie diet its also a low carb diet as well. There are benefits to this because the findings are amazing. Being in a fasting state or initiating fasting during pregnancy is of great use to the mother and no harm done to the fetus. So the point I am driving in here is that the resources are taken from the mother before there is harm to the fetus. So those who claim that what a mother does or does not eat during pregnancy can harm the baby, take a look at this because clearly this is concluding that the reserves are taken from the mother before the baby is harmed. Thus showing self preservation for the infant.

An amazing study done and valuable information:



This is an amazing study I found not only talking about how fetuses were in ketosis, but that breastfeeding had proved to help them stay in ketosis. The point I am trying to make here is that the body already puts neonates in ketosis. This is suggesting that ketogenisis is a natural state for neonates.




This is a great source by a dietician:




If you like sciene here’s more about neonatal ketosis:




Another great point is that women that are pregnant, go to sleep and are in a fasting state through the night usually wake up in KETOSIS. So that is also telling as to what kind of metabolism pregnant women are preferred to be in. This is fascinating because this is a normal state for a pregnant woman. This is physiological favor by the human body. Another thing to consider is how often times morning sickness is relieved by fasting- or ketosis because blood sugars are stabilized and the glucose going up and down is what is known to cause issues with morning sickness. Just a few bits of science to help educate those who are interested in diving into it a bit more.

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