Overcoming depression and anxiety without pharmaceuticals

I wanted to share my personal account with depression and anxiety.
I was clinically diagnosed with anxiety, depression and PTSD. I had suffered these debilitating conditions for nearly two decades. When I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and PTSD I was 19 years old. This was before I had an interest in functional medicine. So I followed standard protocol given to me by psychiatrists and counselors. I was put on one medication and eventually I was used to that particular med and needed something stronger.
I then was put on a different med and then noticed it made me worse. I was also taking birth control and that is dealing with hormonal changes. Not only that, but I was clinically diagnosed with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome)
No one ever asked me about any other medications I was taking. No one ever cared what my diet consisted of or even how I managed stress. The longer I was on prescriptions the worse I got. Eventually I was 280 lbs, miserable in my life, and suicidal. I thought about killing myself so often.
As soon as I was not able to afford my prescriptions that is when I decided to lose weight and hopefully that would help with my mental health.
I want to also add that vegetarian diets do not help with mental health. In fact I believe from reading studies that my vegetarian and vegan diet helped me to get worse.
So when I lost 100 lbs I felt phenomenal. But I was not healthy, I was abusing alcohol and abusing anxiety pills. I looked sick because I was sick. Diuretics, alcohol, late nights, and abusing pills was hurting me and I had no idea, but who cared?
I started seeing that I needed to cut back on prescription pills so I decided to opt for cannabis. Unfortunately I was abusing cannabis, alcohol and I was gaining weight.
There is a cycle here: I didn’t know how to cope with anything and I was depressed and covering up emotions with relationships and substances. This was terrible living again. Only this time I was with someone who enabled this because he was also dealing with just coping and had poor mental status as well.
I decided to figure it out from a functional way. Get healthy, get my situation corrected, focus on positive things, exercise, gratitude and all this ultimately led me to finding God which in turn has helped me develop coping skills and actually squash the reasons I was even depressed to begin with.
I now am on a ketogenic diet to help me with my mental health and its been phenomenal. I’ve managed to keep my weight down and my mood is elevated. I also focus on the fact that God put me where He needed me to be. That I suffered, but it was for a reason. He built me to be strong, compassionate, fully equipped.
All the time I was searching for my identity I found it in Christ. Things slowly but surely changed for the better. I will struggle now and then with depression and anxiety, but it’s only a temporary situational thing. It’s not a long term pattern and now I have skills to communicate to others, to communicate better to myself, exercise and diet plays a big role in how I feel.
So that’s the extent of it. I hope it’s received well. I do not believe that we need prescriptions to help us function in life. Sometimes we need self respect to leave long out dated relationships that serve us no purpose. Sometimes we need to get real with ourselves about our health and take charge of it, sometimes we need to stop being slaves to our imaginations and actually pull ourselves out of the pit we put us into.
Sometimes the only way to do these things is with God.

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