I love the ketogenic diet. It’s easy, helps with mental health, the best diet I’ve ever been on. I rarely feel hungry, the food is so delicious and I end up eating less with virtually no effort.

I recommend this way of eating to anyone who is struggling with mental health issues. This diet helps with cognitive function, energy, mood, focus this is just amazing how I feel.

I have been eating this way on and off for nearly 4 years. I have been able to keep off 60 lbs. I have been able to have children when I was clinically diagnosed infertile. I have reversed PCOS and I was prediabetic because of that issue.

I had converted from vegetarian- vegan way of eating to keto and I loved it. I feel so much better this way. It’s so simple.

I want to add that I was the worst binge eater as a vegetarian-vegan. I could never feel satiated. With keto and eating meat and animal products I have been binge free for over a year now.

It has taken me some time to get really into keto. I was falling off the wagon for years. BUT keep in mind I have had 3 children and exclusively breastfed all three of them. So my hormones have been excellent, but the challenge has been when my babies have growth spurts and I over ate on foods not keto.

This year is the first year I haven’t done that and I’ve been pretty successful. YAYYYY

I decided to eat whatever I wanted to last year because I was just so fed up with yo-yoing and binge eating. I would get off keto and binge eat carbs, gain weight and get back on keto.

The problem I’ve identified is that I never tried to get my blood sugar stable before going keto. This year I was successful because I used a few months to do just that.

I started with lower calorie but ate what I wanted to.

Then I started to restrict sugar, still had it but not as often. And I began exercising. Then In July I started keto. I was not strict but that was the plan.

Then I started seeing that I was melding into this lifestyle slowly but IT WAS STICKING!!!! I have finally been 4 weeks without a cheat. I have had alcohol, but no carbs. no binge and no yo yo.

This is amazing track record.

I am on instagram to record my progress there.

Sarahlynn Baxter

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