Sauerkraut is a fermented food that originated in China and moved across Europe.


Start with a fresh head of organic cabbage.

Shred the cabbage any way you want thick or thin. I prefer thin.

Take the cabbage shreds and toss some salt into it. 1 head of cabbage will give you a 16 oz jar of sauerkraut.

I’d say about 1/4 cup salt for each jar.

Crunch together the salt with the cabbage and you will notice that water will start creeping out of the cabbage.

Once it’s well mixed toss it in a jar and add more water if necessary.


This is a very easy thing to do. Fermentation is a fun learning process so just look at it like that.

The sauerkraut I made was perfect and it sat on my counter next to my oven for about 2-3 weeks until I opened it and we scarfed it down.


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