Different diets for different phases of life

Diets. The world’s most profitable industry next to big pharma.

The diet industry takes in billions of dollars in revenue each year. People are desperate for health, vitality and energy.

Ketogenic diet, Paleo diet, vegan diet, plant based whole food diet…

God made each of us unique with unique paths in life.

A ketogenic diet is great, the problem is that the people doing the diet are not taking in the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals that are available to us in multitudes of colored fruit and vegetables. Therefore the diet is not good long term. Believe it or not beans and brown rice offer amazing health benefits to our gut microbes.

The Keto diet should be done as a cleanse and detox instead of years and years of dieting.

When someone does the ketogenic diet and is frustrated with falling off the wagon time and time again the problem I am witnessing is that these individuals are putting on weight like crazy. They pile on weight and have no idea why.

To be fair, some of the people are probably not telling me the truth of what they eat. A lot of people are making meats and cheeses the staple of their diet which is totally wrong.

Then, the meat and cheeses that they are eating are not organic and are not farm fresh -farm raised.

I am a big advocate for the ketogenic diet in pregnancy, for brain health, short term detox plan (6-12 months in cycles) and for mental health reasons. It is the perfect substitute for medications bar none.

The premise of the diet is to create ketones and these ketones are the most preferred source of fuel for the brain.

I see that there are a lot of people who chose to do keto and yet they are drinking diet soda- which totally negates the benefits of the diet. Sugar free substitutes etc… NOT HEALTHY.

Another problem I’m seeing with the keto diet is there isn’t enough people having healthy bowl movements. We are to have 2-3 a day and in the keto diet you are lucky to have 1.

Eat a banana, eat a sweet potato- this is why you are having such hard core cravings on that diet.

I love a plant based diet rich in a multitude of fruits and vegetables. Simple and elegant, full of nutrition.

People need to take a look at a bunch of factors before getting on a diet. First, what are you lacking? What age are you? Are you a woman or a man? Are you suffering from disease and inflammation? Do you need a detox? What kinds of surgeries have you had? Were you breastfed as an infant?

If you are deficient in nutrition opt for the plant based diet.

Also, plant based diets are easier on the gut and the diet promotes healthy gut biome. All the fiber acts as a prebiotic and the probiotics you introduce into your belly are fed and maintained.

I think an all out vegan diet is great as a cleanse. You absolutely cannot be scared to eat meat. Prioritize it and spend the money on grass fed humanely cared for animals.

Please DON’T be another penny in big diets pocket. Do not settle for diet pills, exercise equipment, any kind of supplement you know nothing about, Diet books, it’s all a scam.

Just eat better, go outside, take care of your hormones, take care of your gut biome, take care of your spine, get enough sleep, stop carrying excess weight of emotion.


Take care!


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